Information for Contributors

Irish History Review is open to receiving communication from potential reviewers and is constantly adding to its panel of experts. Send us an email with you name, publications, subject expertise and a short bio. When we receive publications matching your expertise we will be in contact and will provide you with a review copy of the relevant book or other media.

If you wish to review a specific publication, please let us know the details and we will endeavour to provide you with access so that a review can be carried out.

Given that this website is a voluntary enterprise, we are not in a position to pay contributors. However, the copy of the book you review will be yours to keep.

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Notes for Contributors

We do not impose word limits on book or non-book media reviews. Each publication or resource is assessed on its own merits and word counts are agreed with the editor prior to publication. Most reviews contain a minimum of between 800 and 1,000 words. Longer form reviews and review essays have no upper limit, but quality controls will be imposed where necessary. Please take a look at other reviews published on this website for a guide to style. All submissions to be delivered on .doc, .docx, or similar format attached via email to