Derry Volunteers, Easter 1916

The map below shows the part of Derry City in which each member of the Irish Volunteers lived at Easter 1916.

As you can see, the members were mainly concentrated in the inner city, with a large concentration in the Bogside and Bishop Street street areas. There are also smaller concentrations in the William Street and Foyle Road areas, with a few solitary Volunteers in the northern and eastern suburbs of Rosemount and Waterside.

Please feel free to share this map widely and if you can suggest any revisions or additions let us know. Click on the red pins to view the Volunteers’ names and addresses. The green pin is the location of a shed in which a group of armed Volunteers gathered on Easter Saturday night, 1916. They were ready to rise on Easter Sunday but received word that the Rising was off on Sunday morning. Word of the actual Rising did not reach Derry until the Monday night. Many of the city Volunteers were arrested and interned in the following weeks.

This information is based on the recollections of Liam Brady and the 1911 Census. It is probable that there were more members of the Volunteers in the city, and in some cases a rough estimate of their location is given (ie. Bogside). The map is fully interactive. Click on the top left icon to see a list of Volunteers and further information about the map.