A Capital in Conflict

Francis Devine (ed), A Capital in Conflict: Dublin City and the 1913 Lockout  (Dublin City Council, 2013, 405pps, €45.00 HB, €24.95 PB). 

Irish labour history is years behind many of its counterparts across the globe. The discipline in Ireland has … Read More

Reviews in Brief – July 2013

The Big House is a subject that is becoming ever more popular. Television programmes are being broadcast, conferences held and books published. There is even a Big House music and arts festival taking place at Castletown House over the August … Read More

Tom Clarke

Gerard MacAtasney, Tom Clarke: Life, Liberty, Revolution  (Merrion, 2013, 330pps, €60 HB, €17.95 PB). 

Tom Clarke was a father figure to the 1916 leaders. The fact that he was from a different generation sets him apart from the other architects … Read More

GAA History

Dónal McAnallen, The Cups That Cheered: A History of the Sigerson, Fitzgibbon and Higher Education Gaelic Games  (Collins Press, 2012, 350pps. €29.99 HB).

The role played by many educational institutions in the development of sport is well-known, and sport and … Read More

GPO Staff in 1916

Stephen Ferguson, GPO Staff in 1916: Business as Usual  (Mercier Press, 2012, 128 pps, €12.99 PB)

The Easter Rising of 1916, and all things associated with it, tends to attract the history book buying public in Ireland like no other event in … Read More

Douglas Hyde & the GAA

Cormac Moore, The GAA V Douglas Hyde: The Removal of Ireland’s First President as GAA Patron  (Collins Press, 2012, 265 pps, €14.99 PB)

In an interview with this magazine, Cormac Moore rightly pointed out when asked about the increasing prominence … Read More

Irish Republican Women

Ann Matthews, Dissidents: Irish Republican Women, 1923-41  (Mercier, 2012, 310pps, €18.99 PB)

Ann Matthews takes an original look at the active role played by women during Ireland’s struggle for independence against Britain. These women acted as important couriers, writers, intelligence-gatherers and nurses during the … Read More

Artist of the Revolution

James Curry, Artist of the Revolution: The Cartoons of Ernest Kavanagh, 1884-1916  (Mercier, 2012, 128pps, €12.99 PB)

Ernest Kavanagh was a little known artist who worked as an insurance clerk for the ITGWU at Liberty Hall. He was also the cartoonist for the ITGWU’s … Read More

Labour Party Centenary

Paul Daly, Rónán O’Brien & Paul Rouse, Making the Difference: The Irish Labour Party, 1912-2012  (Collins Press, 2012, 256 pps, €15.99 PB)

Irish politics, it has been said, comprised a ‘two and a half party system’ for much of its history since … Read More


John Bew, Castlereagh: From Enlightenment to Tyranny (Quercus, 2011, 582 pps, £25.99 HB)

Robert Stewart, Lord Castlereagh, had a career and international political influence far surpassing the expectations of his Presbyterian Ulster origins. As John Bew argues in the first major academic study of his … Read More